Mother’s Day Campaign 2018!

Dear friends,

Mother’s Day is just a few short weeks away!

If you are still searching for a unique and meaningful gift for May 13, 2018, consider making a donation in honour of that important woman in your life to the Theresa Foundation, which is devoted to meeting the needs and improving the lives of grandmothers and orphaned children of AIDS victims in the village of Mnjale, Malawi, and its surrounding communities.

If you make a donation to the Theresa Foundation, we will send a printed card or ecard to the important woman in your life that you choose to honour.

But hurry! The deadline for Mother’s Day donations is Tuesday May 1th!

Make a Donation

Please visit the Theresa Foundation’s Canadahelps page (the ‘Make a Donation’ button above) for more information on how you can make your tax-deductible Mother’s Day donation!

New Show “Swimming Solo” supporting the Theresa Foundation!


FOR STUDENT/SENIOR TICKETS, CALL 514-849-3378 or GO IN PERSON TO St-Laurent, just below of Duluth.

Autodidacts’ Concordia Theatre (A.C.T.) is pleased to invite you to the Montreal premier of its debut original play, “Swimming Solo”! A.C.T. is a student-run theatre company dedicated to contributing to the proliferation of Montreal community theatre and the enrichment of student life through theatre. Founded in 2015 by four Concordia undergraduate students from different programs, A.C.T. started as a theatre club for students from any program, faculty, or level of experience, and has grown into a community for students to engage in the multi-faceted process of creating a play. Concordia students have contributed to every part of this show, from the writing, acting, production and everything in between, and could not be more proud.

“Swimming Solo” is a dram-edy about a group of young adults gathered in an apartment for their friend’s going away party, when suddenly the host realizes that her pet fish has died. So begins a night the group will never forget, as the man-hunt for the fish-killer spirals out of control and the real tensions between the friends swim to surface amid tele-novella drama and drug-addled hallucinations. As they confront each other with their feelings of love, despair and separation, the bonds they share will be tested. A play about growing up and moving on, “Swimming Solo” is sure to get you laughing, crying, and maybe confused. Who knows? Come watch and find out!!

Alexander Luiz Cruz
Tyson Fraleigh
Hannah Halcro
Sarah Iorio
Elijah Lee
Theodore Michael
Lexi Mott
Nina Prentiss
Pavlo Tull
Mairi Watson

All proceeds will go to the Theresa Foundation which raises funds for grandmothers and AIDS orphans in over 20 villages in Malawi.

Click here to learn more:

May 18th at 7:30
May 19th at 7:30
May 20th at 2:00
May 20th at 7:30

$10 -general admission
$5 – student and seniors
Tickets available: